Bewertung des "Cairo Inn" in Kairo

Dies war eine Bewertung in im November 2018

The Cairo Inn is a hotel for the young at heart with an open minded attitude.

It's not a luxurious facility - but only here you can meet interesting people you can talk with. The staff is beautiful (Eid and Jusuf) an they can help you in every situation (use the taxi-Service from the hotel - it's better than a booking on the airport). And ask Eid for tours in and around Cairo. He will help you - if you need it.

The rooms are clean and completely adequate.

Okay - the mattress might be a bit worn ... but heck (you have a choice in each room - especially in Room 3) :-)

The breakfast is quite delightful and sufficient (even if it is a little bit late) and the central location is simply unbeatable.

If you are used to the luxury of a Steigenberger, forget the Cairo Inn. but you would really miss something .....

My brother an me, we will be back as soon as possible.

Do not like: Actually nothing. But if you have problems with cigarette smoke, you should avoid room 2 (the lobby is often used for smoking - which is perfectly ok). And of course, you have to deal with the noise of Talaat harb Square. Until the morning hours. But that's why you're in Cairo, aren't you? To complain seriously about that, would be pretty stupid.

Wonderful, friendly, informal and fun - for adventure lovers, who do not like standard tourism.